Warren survives play-in game to face Holmes for last play-off spot

Nothside boys’ basketball never disappoints for drama when determining seeding and play-off teams. This year, the drama arrived in over drive.  Brandeis finished the season as the number one seed with a one game loss to the number 2 seed Clark and the number 3 seed Marshall.  As the dust settled at the top, the bottom portion and last seed remained in a log jam.

Three schools each owned a piece of the last play-off spot, Holmes, Warren, and Brennan.

Brennan a strong contender the last three years, found themselves in new territory having to play for an opportunity to continue the season.

The Bears squared off against the Warren Warriors on Thursday, February 16 for the first of the Northside play-in games.

The Bears and the Warriors continued to battle each other physically down the court as players drove to the basket.  Brennan relied on inside shots and driving the lane during the first half to stay within 2 points of the Warriors.

The Warriors attempted to spread the Bears out on the floor and shoot from the three point and sometimes from the rafters as they ended the first half at 30.

The Bears returned to the floor hoping to build upon the momentum from the first half, yet the Basketball wizards were not going to allow it to happen. Where shots were falling for the Bears in the first, a lid found its way on top of the Bear basket.  This cold spell allowed the Warriors to slowly build upon the two-point half time lead.

The Warriors also adjusted to the referees during the second half and played a very clean basketball game, avoiding the bonus and double bonus situation until the waning minutes of the game.

The Bears were not as successful in making their adjustment to the calls and soon the Warriors were stepping up to the free throw line for their free shots.  The Warriors controlled the momentum of the ball game throughout the second half ensuring they would earn their spot to play Holmes.

The Warriors will face the Huskies tomorrow, Friday, February 17, at 6:30pm.  The game will be played at the Northside Sports Gym.    It is a winner take all contest tomorrow as the victor will return to action on Monday or Tuesday when they face Wagner in the Bi-district round.

The fourth seed from Northside will be at a slight disadvantage as that team will have played competitive rounds while their opponent has time to rest before the game.

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