Voters speak loudly in Grey Forest

In a bitterly contested election, voters turned out in record numbers for the City of Grey Forest. With over 211 votes cast, Jennifer Nottingham, Susan Darst, were re-elected to Council. Phil Howard was elected as the new Mayor.

The voters also approved a special tax provision to fund street repairs inside the City of Grey Forest.

Vote totals are:


Holly Holleway                         68

Phillip Howard                        143

Place No. 2

Jennifer Nottingham                   145

Irene Scharf                                    66

Place No. 4

Susan Darst                                    139

Lorna Main                                    72

Special Election

For                                                180

Against                                            32

For the first time in over 10 years, Grey Forest returns were one of the last to be completed by Bexar County.  144 votes were cast on Election Day.

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