VentureLab providing summer programs for young people

We are a hands-on innovation and entrepreneurship program that teaches young people to be next generation innovators and entrepreneurs through inspiration, experiential learning and mentorship.

Founded in 2013 by a university professor, we are a team of fun, hard-working entrepreneurs, techies and educators who left their day jobs to create tech entrepreneurship programs for youth.

We love what we do and want all youth to have access to our programs. We are particularly passionate about encouraging and empowering young women to enter and succeed in technical and entrepreneurial fields. We strive to create a friendly environment where young women can innovate, create and discover their potential.

We love teaching and watching as our participants discover that they can transform their dreams and ideas into reality. We truly believe entrepreneurship education can change the world and want to reinvent education.

We strive to not only benefit individual students, but also to create a supportive community for young entrepreneurs to thrive.


We encourage community members and participants to mentor their younger, less experienced colleagues. For example, professionals may mentor college students, college students may mentor high schools students, and so on and so forth. The mentors improve their leadership and communication abilities, while the younger students benefit from experienced and knowledgeable guides.

Our community building goes much farther than simply having participants mentor one another. We create a network that enables participants to keep in touch with their instructors, and their classmates, long after the programs are finished. We focus on following up with all of our participants while also facilitating online forums and groups where students and professionals can stay connected. The support, guidance, and valuable networking opportunities provided by VentureLab continue long after the badges and recognitions are earned.

Registration is happening now.  For those interested in selecting a class and attending the summer camp log onto the


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