Traffic hazards; fugitives; and fires on the lookout some of the “crime” of Helotes

The Helotes police department responded to different calls for the week of June 21 through June 27. The Echo wanted to share some of the week’s highlights with you.

Helotes_Police_Department_Logo_w_clear_frameIn the 10000 block of Bar X Trail officers learned that animals could actually use the phone. Officers responded to an animal call. We are hoping it was a simple wrong number and Fido wanted to call Little Caesar’s or Pizza Hut instead.

The 400 block of Amires Place was not a friendly place for a fugitive. Officers located and arrested a fugitive and transported to a new accommodation for the individual.

Temperatures were on the rise in the 9200 block of Lookout Mesa. Either residents were confused or took the name literally and wanted to start a signal fire for the people of Helotes. HPD officers responded to the report of fire on the Mesa.

Either the neighbors were celebrating or someone became upset in the 9300 block of Cedar Point. Officers responded to a disturbance in the neighborhood. Officers arrived at 10:56 pm and cleared the scence at 11:13 pm.

Traffic remained safe in the 18000 block of Sherwood Trail thanks to one of our HPD officers. No traffic hazard can remain hidden from our guys or remain as a fugitive. If you don’t believe me ask the 400 block of Amires Place.

Thankfully our officers patrol our City and each one returned to the station unharmed and safe for another exciting night of crime prevention.

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