Three decide to play hide and seek with Helotes PD

Helotes Police Chief Rob Hunley--file photo
Helotes Police Chief Rob Hunley–file photo

This morning, Helotes Police Department responded to a reported call of a suspicious vehicle in the FM1560 area.  Three men in a truck entered a person’s property and connected a trailer and started to drive out of they yard.

When the police officer arrived and “ran the plates” dispatched notified the officer that the vehicle was reported stolen from Bandera, Texas.

The individuals in the truck started the engine and sped off crashing into the brush. Helotes PD pursued the truck and when the driver and passengers in the stolen vehicle bailed out of the car, the officers proceeding chasing the suspects on foot.

One of the individuals was captured. The other two were able to elude capture and have left the area.

According to Helotes Police Department spokesperson, “The individual that was taken into custody will be charged with evading an officer, a misdemeanor. That was the only crime committed inside the city limits of Helotes. The other jurisdictions will be responsible for following up on the stolen vehicle and the breaking and entry of a habitation that happened outside the city limits of Helotes.

Members of the Constable’s Office, Precinct 2, Bexar County Sheriff’s Department, Northside Police Department, and the helicopter from the San Antonio Police Department assisted with pursuing the suspects.

Northside officials placed Krueger Elementary School on modified lockdown while law enforcement officials were searching for the suspects. Modified lockdown allows students to move from classroom to classroom within the building walls but no student was allowed to go outside the building during lockdown. At this time Krueger Elementary has been removed from modified lockdown and has resumed normal operations.

No one was hurt during the pursuit and as one individual remarked, “the suspects played hide and seek better than they did stealing items.”

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  1. KV

    Why was he only charged with evading an officer when he was in a stolen truck trying to steal a trailer?? Also, why do you say the other two got away when so many other sites and sources say all three were caught???

    1. echographics

      Because he was arrested by Helotes Police Department, they can only charge him for the offense that happened in his jurisdiction. It will be left to the other two jurisdictions to investigate and charge him with the crimes that happened in their jurisdiction. IE-Either the City of Bandera, or Bandera County to charge them with stealing the vehicle. Bexar County or San Antonio PD will be responsible for charging them with the breaking and entry.
      The information regarding two who were not captured was provided by Helotes Police Department. At the time they cleared the scene and returned to base, two were still on the loose. Bexar County Sheriff did not report them captured as of 5pm today nor did any other agency.
      Helotes PD reported to a suspicious vehicle call.

  2. KV

    Thanks for clearing that up. BUT…he was stealing the trailer from a yard in Helotes….it wasn’t attached to the stolen truck already. I’m sure it will get straightened out. Thanks for the updates.

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