The Echo remembers our veterans

Marching across the sand, laying watch behind barbed wire, walking quietly among the marbled stones, gliding across the seas, soaring among the stars—our servicemen travel destinations many refuse guarding our Nation and the ideals of freedom and equality.

A group of protestors, peasants, and farmers armed themselves with muskets and weapons found among the houses, barns, and stables across a new land to resist the hands of tyranny and marks of injustice.

Young boys, teenagers yet to experience life, departed from their families, friends, and young lovers to reside in foxholes, burned out buildings, and charred craters to shield their countrymen from harm and oppression.

Broken souls, scarred memories, hollowed feelings returned from the jungles landing upon home soil to be berated, spat upon, and dishonored.  Some chose to serve; some were demanded to serve—serve they did.  Each taking arms to protect their fellow man/woman, defend liberty, establish equality for others across the globe.

Each member of the Armed Services concentrated on the needs of others, unselfishly gave of their selves, ignoring the smells of death, the sounds of defeat to continue marching, fighting, dying to protect their country.

Today, the 11th day of the 11th month, at the 11th hour the guns of battle silenced.  Artillery shells rested.  Death stopped.  In one of the bloodiest campaigns of war peace filled the battlefield.  Silence over took the cacophony of sounds assaulting the ears of soldiers.   Memories of fallen comrades, plans of a brighter future awaited those still marching on the battlefield. 

I encourage each of you during this day—share a moment with a veteran.  Reach out your hand in friendship, ignore your differences and honor those individuals who elect to serve.  Those who face danger, those who step into the bullets trajectory fight to protect the one’s ability to disagree with a country’s leadership and to practice freedom and their daily life.

Lest we never forget—the Tree of Liberty grows upon the blood of patriots.

The Echo and her staff thank those who serve and have served to protect our country.  May God watch over those who have met on the battlefield. 

May God comfort and strengthen those who have returned.

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