The Echo remembers 9/11

eagleStanding near the desk, I my eyes settled on the television screen. My initial thought, someone had turned the channel to an action movie very early this morning. As I continued to watch reality punched me in the stomach as the plane flying toward the building did not yield but crashed through glass and steel. The date September 11, 2001—I was residing in Bryan, Texas.

When my parents and others retold the story of the JFK assassination, they mentioned they remembered every detail of the day. I laughed; I could not contemplate how that would be possible, especially since many years had passed.

Before this fateful day, America had never experienced a deliberate attack on its soil by a foreign power. As the towers crashed to the ground and the ash settled, America declared war against terrorism.

The cost of this battle—tremendous. Thousands of lives lost, many wounded and scared for eternity. The world learned children were targets, no target could be considered safe.

Today marks the passage of another September 11. I want to pause a moment to remember the lives lost as the towers fell, the first responders lost trying to save lives, and the soldiers lost in the battle against terror.

Their memories live long and speak to each of us as a reminder—freedom is precious and never guaranteed. Please take a moment today to remember, and to say thank you for those who continue to serve our country so we may enjoy our liberties and our opportunities.

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