Texas 46 BBQ, Spring Branch’s newest eatry, pleases the crowds

Smoked pecan pie. As I heard these words, I stop in disbelief. Smoked pecan pie. The Pit Master becomes aware of my confusion and lifts the lid of the pit. My eyes fall upon an American staple and classic—the cast iron skillet. The skillet contains a golden brown treasure—not your Grandmother’s pecan pie. I know my experience at Texas 46 BBQ will be a special trip.

Standing at the counter, employees grab brisket, ribs, sausage, and turkey to create the ultimate sampler plate. The smell of burning oak mixes with the smells of barbecue brisket and ribs to create a heavenly atmosphere.

As I travel down the serving line, servers spoon cream corn, potato salad, slaw, mac-n-cheese, and pasta salad. My mouth waters at the thought of tasting each of these sides. I challenge myself to walk to my table and wait for my delivery.

I start with the side dishes first. The mac-n-cheese catches my attention. The large noodles swathed in cheese beckon me. My disbelief grows as I realized I was eating a gourmet dish in a down-home restaurant.   The cook seasoned the cheese sauce well. The side dish does not overpower my taste buds nor does it make it impossible to enjoy the barbecue.

The most surprising dish of the evening remains the penne pasta salad. The creamy texture of the side dish offers a relief from the evening temperatures. The dill compliments the additional seasoning of the pasta salad.

My patience deserts me, as my fork spears a piece of brisket. I ask for a mix of lean and marbled. I start with the marbled brisket. The marbling creates a juicy touch to a very tender slice of brisket. I manage to cut each piece of brisket with my fork.

The unique seasoning and rub placed on the brisket originate “in house”. The Pit Master explains each brisket receives additional seasoning as the meat cooks. The seasonings cook into the meat to create a unique flavor unrivaled by most barbecue establishments in the area. As a patron, I enjoy the brisket without any barbecue sauce.

However, I squeeze the barbecue sauce onto the edge of my plate. The tomatoes do not overpower the sauce nor do the tomatoes water down the texture. Many establishments rely on vinegar as a key ingredient, Texas 46 BBQ sauce does not hint at a bitter taste of vinegar.

My eyes spied the pork ribs and my mouth watered. Large meaty ribs rested on the serving plate. I bit into one and my taste buds sang—a hint of heat, tempered by the sweetness of honey. Texas 46 BBQ uses a different seasoning for the pork ribs than placed on the brisket. According to our server, each type of meat is prepared on a separate pit.

The restaurant offers sandwiches, burgers, and salads for those who may not want to eat barbecue.

A full-service bar greets those wanting to unwind after a day’s work or enjoy a cocktail on a summer afternoon.

My friend Dave Gast offers, “I’d like to thank Drew and his crew for the media invitation. I appreciated all the fresh homemade trimmings that all paired wonderfully with some of the best-smoked meats I’ve had in a long long time. Texas 46 BBQ is worth the trip. The Habenero Sweet sauce is out of this world good, and the smoked pecan pie was fantastic with traditional sweet flavor finished with just a hint of that wonderful smoke. I think their version of cream corn has left everyone behind with its delicious infusion of leeks, yet still maintaining a touch of sweet. As I said before, I believe the brisket, ribs, turkey, and sausage were just perfect. Great off the beaten path location in the nice country air.”

To finish a perfect meal—the smoked pecan pie. The kitchen prepares fresh whipped cream with a touch of cinnamon to place on the pie. Diners enjoy a new twist of a classic dessert—the smoky finish of the pecans. Most cooks use syrup and sugar to prepare the dish. Texas 46 BBQ pecan pie tempers the sweetness of the pie with a hint of butter. Cooks hope to finalize the recipe for strawberry rhubarb smoke pie for those wishing to try a new taste to an age-old pie.

The menu announces reasonable prices. The rustic decorations welcome the patrons and promise a relaxing atmosphere.

If you love barbecue and want a delicious experience, travel to Spring Branch and Texas 46 BBQ for an outstanding trip.

For additional images of Texas 46 BBQ click here https://echosportszone.pixieset.com/texas46bbq-photosbydavegast/


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