Term Limits for Congress resolution introduced in Texas Senate

(Austin, TX) Today, Texas State Senator Don Huffines and State Representative Briscoe Cain introduced the Term Limits Convention resolution that would allow Texas to cooperate with other states to pass an amendment for term limits on Congress. (SJR 40, HJR 80)

“Voters on all sides of the aisle know Washington is broken and it is time to change the way the system works. We applaud Sen. Huffines and Rep. Cain for their courage on supporting term limits for Congress,” said U.S. Term Limits Executive Director Nick Tomboulides.

U.S. Term Limits commissioned polling showing that more than 75% of American voters support term limits on Congress.

Term limits is one of only a few issues that former President Obama and President Trump agree on. President Trump has included congressional term limits in his “drain the swamp” agenda.

Article V of the Constitution gives states the ability to bypass Congress and amend the U.S. Constitution by passing resolutions for a limited convention. At the Term Limits Convention, all fifty states will send delegates to debate and propose a specific amendment on congressional term limits.

Once the proposal is made, it comes back to the states to be ratified into the Constitution.

U.S. Term Limits is the nation’s largest and oldest term limits advocacy organization.

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