Taft soars to 2-0; Lee trips up Holmes

Volleyball action continued on Wednesday as local teams strode onto the court at Northside, Northeast, and other parts of Texas.

Taft Lady Raiders hoping to improve on their season opener faced McArthur Wednesday night at Northside Gym. Coach Jennifer Woods expressed confidence in her team before the game started. With the combination of the highflying duo Jamariyana Hall and Donetta Cage, the Lady Raiders notched another victory in their preseason games.

Taft is a young team with only 4 seniors on the roster. The team decided they were not playing a traditional volleyball game in the first set. Both teams exhibited great defense and had outstanding offensive moments as the score climbed higher. McArthur was able to stop a late rally in the first set taking the win 28-26.

The Lady Raiders pleased Woods in the second set as they rebounded on the floor, Hall and Cage flew through the air to dominate the second set and third set.

McArthur refused to end the night without defending their position on the court as they jumped to an early lead in the fourth set and never relinquished the momentum.

For those at the game, the price of admission paid off in the fifth set. Both teams tied the lead, exchanged the lead before the Lady Raiders placed two dominating kills on the floor. This allowed the Lady Raiders to slip past McArthur and take the match 15-11.

Mia Moreno and Alena Garza danced across the floor helping to set the ball and provide teamwork for the hitters.

Woods enjoyed her victory but reminded the ladies tournament games would start on Friday.

Holmes won the season opener and hoped to continue with a win against Lee from Northeast. However the young team could not extend their momentum on game night.

Holmes graduated seven seniors last year and eight the previous year. This year, there is one senior on the floor playing.

However, as you sit in the stands watching you do not believe the team is composed of sophomores and juniors.

Outside hitters Alyna Alamillo and Ashleigh Ramirez provided key coverage during the game.

Delanie Sanchez provided blocking and net work during the matches with Lee.

Defensive Specialist (Libero) Victoria Wilborn dove across the floor, danced to the back of the floor trying to keep the ball in play and set up the offense.

Laura Suarez enjoyed her season-opening win and knows this season may be a tough one for the Lady Huskies. “Everyone in Northside is so competitive. We are so young, but the players are playing well together and are learning each day.

I love coaching at Holmes because my athletes are involved. We have to share our players. At least five of my players are also on the varsity softball team, so I do not get to see them from January 1 until August. They do not have the chance to play club volleyball because they are on the softball diamond.”

Being on the softball diamond is not the only location for these athletes. The Holmes Lady Huskies hope to define “Beyond the Game”. They serve as tutors for elementary students; they participate in the team’s mentoring program and serve as volunteers during elementary field days.

The Lady Huskies travel to Harlendale for a tournament on Friday and Saturday. Suarez is hoping to improve on last year’s season and expects the team to be above 500 for the season.

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