Student removed from Zachry on Thursday

Around 10 am on Thursday, May 11 three students were involved in disruption in the testing room.  The three students were removed from the testing room.  After counseling from administration, the students were returned to the testing room.  It was not until the Testing Administrator refused to take one of the students back into the room.  At that time the Northside police officer started an investigation.

Per statements collected in the investigation the one young man pantomimed shooting his fellow classmates, told students not to give up their cellphones because they would need them later to call their loved ones, and he mentioned an explosive.

The school campus was not evacuated.

The student admitted to school administrators that he was joking therefore in the interest of school safety the student and three other backpacks were removed from the room.

According to sources closed to the campus asking to be kept confidential this is not the first incident of violence on campus.  Numerous teachers and parents have reached out to Northside expressing their concerns regarding safety and the learning environment at Zachry.

In recent months during a fight at school a teacher was struck in the head while attempting to stop a fight.  This situation is currently under investigation by district officials.

There have been two incidents with individuals and guns on campus.  The first incident was a student who had left campus, returned to campus with a bb gun which he showed to a maintenance worker.

The second incident involved an individual who had been ordered off NISD property. He returned after hours, around 6pm, and lifted his shirt and displayed a butt of a gun. Both individuals are facing legal and school district consequences.

According to Northside officials, “violence on any campus is not tolerated.”  The incidents are currently under investigation and assure the parents of Zachry Middle School their children are safe on the campus.”

District officials encourage parents and students who have concerns to please notify district officials.  The district also offers a 24-hour confidential safe line parents can use to notify the district of safety issues or concerns.  Parents may call 210.397.7233. Or text

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