Slim Chicken arrives in Helotes—it’s no slim pick’ens

Slim Chicken, a Arkansas company, made a big splash in to Texas; with the first stop being Helotes.  According to Sergio Beltran, Director of Operations Texas, “The company chose the Helotes area because of the growth in the area and the unique characteristics of the town.  We opened 18 restaurants last year, we plan to open 30 this year with Helotes being our first and then next year we will open 50.  We have secured the market from Austin all the way to the valley.  Our company is enjoying great growth.”

The former CEO of Applebee’s is working with our founders and corporate office.”

Although Slim Chicken is a chain restaurant the company philosophy is nothing like a box chain.  “When you arrive in the door,” added Beltran.  “You will be greeted by our employees.  As you place your order, our people will be listening and visiting with the customer.  Our staff will be walking throughout the building bringing refills and ensuring each customer has an enjoyable evening.”

The customers will enter the restaurant and place their order at the counter.  “We call our experience fast casual dining,” shared Beltran.  Then the customer will locate their table and the staff will bring out the order and then will provide customer service and bring refills and check on each diner.  “There will be a large banquet table in the middle of the restaurant,” said Beltran.  “Neighbors can choose to sit family style and visit with other neighbors at the big table or if there is a large family dining in we have a place for them.  Our chief principle is family.  We want to encourage people to visit with each other—to become closer to their neighbors.”

Beltran moved to the Alamo Ranch area but he considers his home in Helotes.  “This is a wonderful community.  I have heard so many stories of how close nit the community remains even as more people move into the area.  Although the City fought us on the building. They required the gable roof and the rock front—this cost us a considerable amount of money.  I know none of our other Texas locations will look like Helotes.  It is our one of a kind restaurant. I am excited because it will be our flagship for Texas.”

Customer service remained the driving point of the conversation between Beltran and myself.  Slim Chicken will be serving chicken strips, chicken sandwiches, wraps, and wings.  Each of the dipping sauces are made in house daily.  The chicken is always fresh and never frozen.  All items are made from scratch inside the kitchen.

A customer may order a chicken strip buffalo flavor, a strip bbq flavor, and another sriraha garlic.  On a return trip, the customer could choose three different flavors or two of one and one of another.  “We want our diners to enjoy their experience and feel free to try our product.  When you come into our doors, the experience becomes about you the diner.”

Taking care of people also extends to the employees.  “A great is employee is someone who enjoys the place they work.  We want our employees to be happy.  We provide them with a meal, we listen to them.  We focus on training and we don’t put them through a grinder like other locations in town.

Slim Chicken will open April 10.  If you are interested in employment with Slim Chicken email  Slim Chicken is located at 12530 Bandera Road.

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