Sheryl Sculley announces retirement from City of San Antonio

On Thursday, November 29 City Manager, Sheryl Sculley, announced plans to retire from city management in 2019.  She has offered and if San Antonio City Council she will assist with the transition for the new City Manager.  The expected change in leadership and Sculley’s departure is expected to happen by June of 2019.

In a video statement, Sculley remarked, “I am grateful and it has been a pleasure to serve the residents of the City of San Antonio since 2005.”

Sculley was recruited from Phoenix by then Mayor Phil Harberger in 2005 to assume the reigns of City Manager.  When hired, Sculley described it as a 2-year experiment.  “The City wanted changed, I was asked to assess talent, evaluate the City to make change,” added Sculley.

Sculley praised department heads, assistant City Managers, and others in the City offices. 

Mayor Ron Nirenberg and San Antonio City Council will be responsible for selecting the new City Manager and Sculley has offered her assistance in the transition to the new City Manager.

For more information, access the video clip below for an interview with City Manager Sheryl Sculley.

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