San Marcos police officer killed in line of duty

San Marcos police officer, Kenneth Copeland, attempted to serve a warrant on a wanted individual in the El Comino Real subdivision; however, the suspect opened fire ambush style striking Copeland numerous times.

Although Copeland was wearing a protective vest and was rushed to Central Texas Medical Center doctors were not able to save his life.

San Marcos Police Chase Stapp confirmed Copeland is the first San Marcos police officer to be killed in the line of duty.

“I want to thank all the members of the Central Texas Medical Center who fought so hard to save Ken’s life,” said Chief Stapp.

Other San Marcos officers and Hays County SWAT assisted Copeland with serving the warrant. The suspect stayed inside his house-keeping officers outside. Law enforcement officials attempted to negotiate with the suspect and were able to convince the individual to leave his house without further incident.

When taken into custody law enforcement officers noticed the suspect suffered from a gunshot. At the time of the arrest it was not know if the suspect was shot by police or if the wound was self inflicted.

Officers transported the suspect to an Austin hospital for treatment. When he is medically stable he will be transferred back to police custody.

San Marcos Police Chief described Copeland as a hero who gave selfishly of his time and energy. According to personnel records, Copeland was scheduled to be off today. He volunteered to assist the department because the department was short handed.

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