Rivalry, playoffs, pressure all contribute to Echo’s game of the week

First to clarify—all three volleyball matchups tonight, are important.  If a team does not win, their season comes to an end.  However, one volleyball match contains extra ingredients earning the designation of Game of the Week.

These two schools meet often and the competition remains fierce.  Brandeis and O’Connor.  The two teams met twice during district competition—each match lasting five sets.  O’Connor came from behind during both matches.  The first match O’Connor won. The second Brandeis won.    

Both coaches have respect for each other and both approach this game simply as another game—not one of the biggest rivalries in Texas.

Tonight, defense will remain key to the game.  A focus of the game at the top of the priority list for O’Connor.  Defense allowed O’Connor to sweep Reagan in 3 and Clemens in 3.  A guarantee tonight, no sweep.  O’Connor must pull point after point from the Lady Broncos.

Lady Broncos continue to focus upon hitting and finding the weakness of their opponent.  This strategy allowed the Lady Broncos to dispatch Johnson and Westlake.  The Lady Broncos play the net well providing key blocks and an obstacle to their opponents.

The added pressure—win or seasons ends increases the intensity of the tonight’s game.  O’Connor played in the state tournament last year, and Brandeis is hoping to earn a trip to Garland.  Both coaches and teams understand Northside Gym is one additional stop along the way. 

The game starts at 7pm at Northside Gym.  Come early because the gym will be packed.  The Echo predictors expect the game to last five sets and on a 3-2 split decision favor Brandeis. 

If you are wanting a way to escape the election night coverage—come out for the show…you will not be disappointed.

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