Renovations for EDC space causes a hiccup

The Helotes Economic Development Corporation is moving from the Helotes City Hall to new office space around the corner. The new office will be located between Pope’s Cleaners and Janus Custom Home Building.

Yesterday, the contractor was finishing the floors and installed the sealant. Because of the age of the building, the metal construction, and Mother Nature all combining together, it allowed the fumes from the floor to travel to adjacent offices.

Customers and business owners became concerned with the fumes and notified the Helotes Fire Department.

The Helotes Fire Department responded, inspected the building and determined the fumes were not toxic. The Fire Department installed fans to help remove the fumes from the building.

As of this morning, Pope’s Cleaners owner, Melody Cooper, reported no issue today. “I want to thank everyone from the City for their support and quick action. They have been wonderful. The Fire Department responded so quickly. Their fans are helping to remove the fumes from the building.

The contractor did not realize Mother Nature would work against him and cause the fumes to spread to other businesses. The City’s response has been great.”

According to City officials, “yesterday was the last day for any work to be done on the flooring so there should be no more issues with the renovations. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused other business owners.”

The City of Helotes and the Fire Department stress that at no time were any of the business owners, customers, or construction workers in danger.

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