Readers select their favorite food establishments for 2016

This year more voters took the time to complete our survey to celebrate some of the best places to grab lunch, brunch, or a romantic dinner.  So, we are allowing the readers to tell us the places to go.  Winners and nominees are listed below.

Top Golf was selected for top Brunch.

Salt Grass’s Carrot Cake received the most votes for Best Dessert.  Nominees includes Jim’s, BJ’s, and Cupcake Couture.

Best Donut award went to Shipley’s.

Mia’s won Best Margaritas.  Nominees include Two Step and El Chaparral.

Best Sweet Tea went to Bill Miller’s.  Nominees include Sonic and Rudy’s BBQ.

Kona Grill received the win for Best Sushi.

This year’s Best Migas went to Bandera Road Café.

El Chaparral won best enchiladas.

Bandera Road Café and El Chaparral battled to the finish for Best Tortillas.  The winner El Chaparral.

Rudy’s, Grady’s, and B-Daddy’s received nominations for Best BBQ.  The winning pit master goes to B-Daddy’s BBQ.

I-Hop won Best Breakfast.  Nominees include Jim’s, Bill Miller, Bandera Road Café.

Golden Coral finished with the win for Best Buffet.

Bill Miller’s won the Best Chicken.  Golden Chick and Rudy’s BBQ were top nominees.

Bobby J’s won Best French Fries.  Bill Miller’s and Sonic were top nominees.

Bobby J’s received the win for Best Hamburgers.  Aspen Creek, Babes, and Cheesy Jane’s were top nominees.

Sonic was voted Best Hot Dogs.  Bobby J’s and Babes were in the top nominees.

Dairy Queen received the nod for Best Ice Cream.  Cold stone was a top nominee.

Voters selected El Chaparral as the Best Mexican.  Perico’s and Bandera Road Café were in the top nominees.

Oolong received the win for Best Chinese.  Vin Bistro was in the top.

Marco’s Pizza won Best Pizza.  Tui Steppi’s and Pizza Hut were top nominees.

Readers selected Chili’s for Best Salad.

Yogi’s won Best Yogurt.

Salt Grass received the Best Steak.  Morton’s and the Fig were nominees.

Café Milano’s received the win for Best Italian.

Lenny’s Subs received the win for Best Sandwiches.  Nominees included Jimmy John’s and Firehouse Subs.

The Fig received the best Special Occasion Restaurant.  Nominees included Aspen Creek Grill and Maggiano’s were top nominees.

Wing Stop received the Best Wings.

Jim’s for the second year in a row received Best Tortilla Soup.

B-Daddy’s and Rudy’s battled it out for Best Brisket.  B-Daddy’s took the honors this year.

B-Daddy’s won Best BBQ Chicken, and Best BBQ Sausage.

B-Daddy’s took the honors for Best Pork.

Rudy’s won Best BBO Ribs.

Hinee Coffee Company rose to the top for Best Coffee.  Nominees included Starbucks and Cracked Mug.

Mi Casa earned the award for Best Tamales.

Golden Chick earned the honors for Best Chicken Tenders.

El Chaparral won the Best Tacos.  Nominees included Bill Miller’s Taco Cabana, and Tejas Barbacoa were top nominees.

Hofbrau won the Best Cocktail.

Cousin’s Maine Lobster won the Best Food Truck

Stout House won the honors for Best Craft Beer.

Sea Island won Best Seafood.  Top nominee included Pappedeaux.

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