Possible District Champion could be decided tonight for Girls’ Basketball

The logjam that happened with girls’ basketball is almost broken through. For most of the season O’Connor led the district and enjoyed at least a one game lead over most of their opponents. However, in the last week O’Connor watched as their lead started to slip away and now they too must wait for the end of the season games to find out their fate.

O’Connor lost to Stevens for the second time, this loss started a slip that saw the Lady Panthers also lose to the Lady Cougars. The reason these two losses were significant is because O’Connor had a first round loss to Stevens and a first round victory over Clark. In the event the season should end with O’Connor and Stevens having identical records, Stevens would win the district championship based on head to head competition.

If OC and Clark end with identical records, both teams split head to head competition so a tiebreaker will be necessary to determine the first and second seeding in the district. Both teams will be listed as co-champions.

Taft was the next team closest to the three and is waiting to determine if they will be 4th seed or could they be higher.

Brandeis Lady Broncos needed to win against O’Connor to stay in the playoff hunt. They did not win and now have been eliminated from the playoff picture.

Jay Lady Mustangs needed to defeat the Lady Cougars to stay in the playoff hunt and they were not able to do so.

So coming into February 6, tonight’s games.

O’Connor (14-4) share the same record with Clark and will play Warren (1-16). If O’Connor wins tonight they will have a piece of the district championship. If they lose they will still be in the playoffs but their seeding will be dependent upon results from other games.

If O’Connor wins there may be a tiebreaking game or coin toss with Clark.

Clark (14-4) will play Stevens (13-4). If Clark wins they will share the championship with O’Connor and will either toss a coin or play another Clark/OC match up to determine the championship.

If Stevens loses they will either be 3 or 4th seed depending on the outcome of the Taft game. Taft has lost both games to Stevens.

If Stevens wins, O’Connor will have the district championship outright if OC defeats Warren. Stevens will also be the third seeded team in the playoffs.

Taft (13-4) will play Brennan. If Taft wins and Stevens lose, Taft will be the third seeded team in the district.   If Taft wins and Stevens wins, they will remain tied with identical records but in the tiebreaker Stevens receives the nod because they beat Taft twice in head to head competition.

Tonight, we will be broadcasting the Marshall/Holmes and Stevens/Clark game. For a link to the broadcast, check our Facebook page, Helotes Echo. We hope to bring the game to you live. So if you are sitting at home or in the gym wanting to see how it all plays out tonight, we will have you covered.

If you missed some of the key games last week, we have them here for you.



As always, after tonight, check our Facebook and website for the results and seeding for the girls basketball contest.  You may also go to www.echosportszone.com for pictures and results.

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