Out with the old, in with the new:  Helotes says goodbye to the Shell Station

The plans were put in place months ago to renovate the Shell Station in Helotes.  Yesterday, construction crews began the demolish the awnings and today the building no longer stands.

Plans for the new station call for a much larger footprint on the property.  In addition to a new convenience store and more gas pumps, Burger King will call Helotes home.

When developing the plans, the property owner applied for a variance to the tree ordinance and Helotes City Council granted that variance.  The owner can remove all trees from the lot.  Some of the larger trees in the back of the property have been removed to make way for construction.

Per the property owner,” plans are to attempt to salvage the two heritage oaks at the corner of 1560 and Bandera Road.”

The 1560 realignment project will create a new street behind the new Shell Station and those traveling from Iron Horse to Bandera Road must make a right turn to take the new intersection and travel around the building onto Bandera Road.

Those living inside Helotes Park Estates and wanting to access Bandera Road at Circle A will have to turn right and drive to the new cross over and then turn left to Bandera Road.  Those traveling Northbound on Bandera Road will also have to travel up to the new cross over to make a left turn onto Southbound Bandera Road.  The cross over will be controlled by a traffic light.
The owner of the Shell Station is hoping to have construction finished before the 1560 project is finished.

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  1. agarr

    Oh great, that should be just great for our property values. The smell of fryer grease as we view the hills.

  2. Janine

    Helotes will never be a unique, small Texas town when idiots allow beautiful trees to be destroyed! Shame on you!! You don’t have any vision of what an opportunity you had to create something special in a prime Helotes location!

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