O’Connor investigates incident; rumors create chaos

On Wednesday morning an O’Connor teacher reported the harassment of one of her student at O’Connor to the administration. NISD police and O’Connor Administrators were able to identify the student and immediately launched an investigation.

In the course of the investigation, O’Connor Administrators learned of additional disciplinary infractions causing them to remove the subject of the investigation from campus. With the work of all NISD officials any and all threats that may have existed at the time to O’Connor students had been eliminated and the campus remained secure. No student was subject to physical violence or attack at any time.

On Thursday, as students started discussing among themselves the action and perceived reality of the situation, a panic across campus began to build.  

Parents started posting to social media about a possible threat to students lives on the O’Connor campus.

In investigating the remaining claims on Thursday and Friday, there was at no time a threat to the students at the O’Connor campus. State law prohibits school officials from discussing specific disciplinary action or specific disciplinary infractions. This allowed the story to travel unchecked over the course of days.

Northside officials stress the importance of student safety and this why everyone acted quickly and decisively in dealing with the original complaint. O’Connor and Central Administration maintain that at no time on Thursday or Friday were there any concerns for student safety at O’Connor High School.

If you or your student have any further questions or concerns, please refrain from posting on social media but contact either Jackie Horas or Ryan Purtell at O’Connor High School to discuss those issues.

The number to O’Connor High School is 210.397.4800

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