Northside Volleyball’s district race provided excitement and pain

Volleyball in Northside can be frustrating, exciting, disappointing, competitive, painful, and exhilarating all in the matter of minutes. As a reporter it is very difficult to determine who is going to win the district or for any given night who is going to win a certain match.

Each team proves itself worthy of the district crown each Tuesday and Friday night. Ask any of the coaches and they will respond, you cannot take any team in our district for granted because if you do they will beat you.

Last year, in volleyball and basketball Northside had to hold a play in (extra games) to determine who would win the final playoff spot.

Tuesday night was one of those nights.

Lady Broncos slip past Brennan Bears in five

The Lady Bears from Brennan have reached the playoffs every year since moving up from 5A competition. Last year, they finished second in the district. Graduation sent many of the seniors off to better opportunities and left underclassmen with big shoes to fill. They entered Tuesday’s game looking for their first win having lost to O’Connor and Clark.

As the teams battled it out on the floor the Lady Bears were slipping away from Brandeis having won the first two sets in the match 25-22, 25-23. Then Lady Momentum decided to change dance partners. Coach Williams encouraged her girls to find their pace; calm down; and focus on their spots in the game. The Lady Broncos stormed through the third set 25-9.

The Lady Broncos were not able to administer the knock out punch in the fourth set as the Lady Bears powered back to lose the set by 5—25-20. The knock out punch finally landed in the fifth and final set as fatigue and frustration took over on the Bear side of the floor and the last set ended 15-7.

The Lady Broncos didn’t gallop off the floor but seemed to slip out the door glad to have the district win. With the win, Brandeis improves to 2-1 and Brennan falls to 0-3

Lady Rams pluck the Lady Falcons in five

The Lady Rams used their height and all over the floor play by Alissa Tobert to improve to 2-1 in the district race by defeating Stevens Tuesday night. The Lady Falcons used fast passed offense and a tough defense at the net to win the first two sets.

The Lady Rams regrouped during a time out and the break between the second and third set to find their pace and momentum. Working behind the net play of Serenity Miller and the sure hands of Alyssa Bays the team fought back to take the next three sets and the game victory.

Lady Panthers nip the Lady Mustangs in three

The Lady Panthers find themselves in a different setting this year. They are sharing the district league with the Lady Cougars from Clark. The last two years, the Panthers have had to battle hard to find the fourth seed to the playoffs. However, with the Lady Mustangs the Panthers remained in control most of the game allowing Coach Garcia the opportunity to use bench personnel and try different combinations on the floor.

Aspen Thompson and Chinelo Ogogor dominated the front and the nets as they returned service and volleys to the Lady Mustangs. Allison Fields and Sawyer Siemens worked hard in the back as they set the ball for the front hitters.

Serena James and Amber Ruiz sparked a couple of rallies for the Lady Mustangs but it just wasn’t enough to help the team steal a set from the Lady Panthers.

In other action the Lady Cougars improved to 3-0 with a three set match against the Lady Warriors from Warren.

Holmes stole the game from Taft in a five game set.

All the volleyball teams will return to action on Friday night. The schedule is listed below.

5:30PM            Brandeis HS            Home            Warren HS            Paul Taylor Field House

5:30PM            Clark HS                  Home            Holmes HS            Northside Gym

6:30PM            Stevens HS            Home            O’Connor HS            Harlan District Gym

7:00PM            Taft HS                   Home            Marshall HS            Paul Taylor Field House

7:00PM            Brennan HS          Home            Jay HS                        Northside Gym

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