Northside Police respond to incident at Jefferson Middle School

On Wednesday, May 16  a Northside police officers responded to an altercation inside one of the Jefferson Middle School classrooms. A male student poked another male student with a pencil.  The pencil did not break the skin.  The parent of the boy who was poked were notified by the school.

Per Jefferson Middle School administration and Barry Perez, Director of Communications, there was no arrest executed on the day of the incident.  The student was detained but not arrested.

When the student was being removed from the classroom there was a verbal exchange by the student who was poked with a pencil.  The student with the pencil made a verbal comment that referenced a list. The comment was overheard by a teacher who reported it to campus administrators. This prompted an investigation into the nature of the list.

A list was also found during the investigation.  This list did not have a title or any other descriptors that identified the type of list or the purpose of the list.  The list contained approximately 20 first names.  This list was turned over to the administration and Northside Police.

The campus administration and police began the investigation process as outlined in the student code of conduct and state law.  Based on the police officers and campus administration’s assessment of the situation, the campus, students, and staff at Jefferson Middle School were deemed safe.

This is an ongoing investigation and other disciplinary actions and charges could be pending depending on the outcome of this investigation.

Northside has become hyper vigilant to school and student safety considering the events of the past week in Texas.  All threats are investigated and taken seriously. 

This is an ongoing investigation and as updates become available the story will be updated.

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