Northside police investigate a possible threat to students at O’Connor High School

During the early evening hours on Sunday, May 20, Northside Police dispatch received calls from concerned parents from O’Connor High School.

Upon initial investigation, officers learned a student from O’Connor High School had sent an email conversation to fellow members of O’Connor High School.

The individual in question had not intended for his email to be sent to a large number of O’Connor students and called the NISD police dispatch (Safeline) and self-reported his actions to NISD police.

The content of the snap chat message was a quoted message from Elliot Rodgers.

In 2014, Elliot Rodgers killed six, injured numerous people before killing himself in Isla Vista, California. Before carrying out his attacks he recorded on Youtube his intentions in “Elliot Rogers’s Retribution.”

The message did not contain any verbal threat of violence or violent action intended for the students of O’Connor High School. The snap chat message did not claim the sender was going to emulate or carry out an action similar to Rodgers.

However, the message was disturbing enough for Northside to dispatch officers to the student’s home.

As the investigation into the incident continued, Northside police informed the student and his parents he would not be allowed on the campus Monday morning. Northside dispatch, police, and administration received hundreds of calls regarding this incident and responded to the concerned parents personally.

To ensure the safety of the students and as a precautionary measure, Northside police scheduled additional police officers on patrol duty at O’Connor High School.

Northside also requested the presence of officers from Helotes Police Department.

Northside collaborated with Helotes Police Department on the investigation.

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office sent offers to O’Connor High School as a courtesy to the school district.

Because the incident involved a Northside student transmitting a message to fellow Northside students, officials with Northside Police will be responsible for filing criminal charges if warranted at the conclusion of the investigation.

In addition to possible criminal charges, the student could be subject to disciplinary action according to District policy and the student code of conduct.

Jackie Horas notified parents of O’Connor students at around 8:45 this morning using the schools automated calling system. Horas stressed to the parents, “We at Northside take all threats to student safety seriously. Northside Police have investigated a complaint and do not believe there is a credible threat to the students of O’Connor High School.”

The school was not on lockdown nor was the school day modified.   Concerned parents are encouraged to call O’Connor High School and speak with Horas or her Vice Principal. Parents can also call the Central Administration if they choose.

This is an ongoing investigation and as more details become available, we will update the story.

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