Northside opens week two with a split—Panthers win, Huskies get nipped

Winston Churchill proclaimed to the world, “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”  However, the Churchill football team was not able to defend the end zone from the pass, the run, or the kick on Thursday night.  When the battle ended and the dust settled, Panthers had scored 45 points and the Chargers from Churchill found the board with 14.

O’Connor Panther arrived on the field pumped up from their season opening victory against MacArthur last week.  The Panthers are wanting to send a message this year, they are the real deal—a team worthy of respect. 

Senior quarterback, Roel Sanchez kept the Charger defense guessing all night.  He proved to be very adept at running the ball running in over 20 yards on a quarterback keeper to score early in the second quarter. If he was not running, then he used his arm to change up the flow of the game.  He also used his arm to drive down the field in the last minute and twenty seconds to answer the one and only touchdown of the first half.

Running back Treyshaen Patterson and wide receiver Millard Bradford dominated the field as they made the Charger defense to pay for any hole they may have found in defensive line.

O’Connor struck first blood in the game behind the kicking leg of Micheal Lyssy.  Lyssy has been a three-year member of the varsity squad and continues to control his kicks over time and building longer distances.

The O’Connor defense kept the Chargers’ quarterback out of his rhythm and prevented him from developing any momentum during the game.  The first score for Churchill happened on a busted defensive assignment which allowed the running back to break loose for 78 yards for a touchdown. 

The Panthers controlled the Charger run, and the Charger pass keeping them stifled unlike last week’s game when both the running game and passing game were dominating the Clark Cougars.

The Panthers will face their toughest test of the season next week when they face Steele.

Holmes Huskies nipped by the Highland Owls

Holmes Huskies celebrated a victory last weekend and was hoping to build on the season opener.  However, the Owls from Highlands proved to be an obstacle they could not overcome for the next victory.  In offensive game, the Huskies was bested 47-33.

The first quarter started well for the Huskies as they scored two touchdowns and kept the Owls to two.  Last year, the Owls were developing their offense and this year they seem to have improved on all fronts.   Capitalizing on all opportunities in the second quarter the Owls added 22 to the board to build their lead to 18. 

The Huskie offense could not build any momentum as the Owl defense controlled the grid iron. 

The rest of Northside will see action Friday and Saturday.

7:30PM            Taft HS            Away   Wagner HS      Judson ISD Rutledge Stadium

7:30PM            Brandeis HS    Home  Alamo Heights HS       Farris Stadium

7:30PM            Jay HS  Away   Southwest HS                         Southwest Stadium

7:30PM            Stevens HS      Home  Boerne Champion HS  Gustafson Stadium


2:00PM            Marshall HS    Away   Weslaco HS     Weslaco HS

7:00PM            Brennan HS     Home  Judson HS        Farris Stadium

7:00PM            Clark HS           Away   Roosevelt HS   Heroes Stadium

7:00PM            Warren HS      Home  Madison HS     Gustafson Stadium

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