Northside ends cross zone play while teaching a life lesson

Northside ened the fifth week of football games with cross zone matchup between Northside schools.  This was the last week before district play and the win loss record counts for the district championship. 

For a group of Brandeis football players, Saturday’s contest against Clark was more than a football game.  It taught each one of them a lesson about life, character, and integrity.  Coach David Branscom was made aware of an incident involving seven starting members of the Brandeis varsity football team.  He and his coaching staff investigated the incident and determined there was valid concern. 

In addressing the issue with his players, he removed them from playing Saturday’s game and also did not allow them to be near the football field.

The Clark Cougars were able to take advantage of the missing starters and scored first in the game.  The final outcome of the game remained uncertain until the last 3 minutes of regulation play when Clark could not convert on a large yardage gain by No. 5 Bivins.  As the Bronco defense held the Clark Cougars watched as their chance to tie the game and possibly play to win in overtime slipped away.

The Broncos took the ball over on downs and started to drive the length of the field when they decided to take a knee. 

The game ended with the Bronco team ahead 35-28.  However for the seven boys who stayed home, the game will provide  a greater result.  “You know our story.  We had an incident.  We investigated, we determined the punishment,” said Branscom.  “With all that is happening in the world today, it’s important our young people learn there is more to life than a football game.  A person’s character and integrity is more important than a game.  We have discipline and standards for our team.”

Congrats to both teams for playing a great game and not allowing the drama circulating off the field to impact the outcome.  It is also refreshing to find  a coach who is willing to take a loss on the books to teach his players a lesson.  Brandeis has a coach committed to more than football, but committed to making his athletes better people for having played the game.

Taft attempts to pull the upset.

Taft Raiders met the Panthers of O’Connor on Friday for a cross zone game.  O C scored first to take the lead.  However, the Raiders spent little time driving down the field and into the end zone to tie the score. 

During the first half both teams would trade scores and the lead as Taft players continued to line up take the snap and drive.

Taft demonstrated with the successful plays they can be competitive in their zone and earn a chance at a remaining playoff spot.

O’Connor finished the game 58-42.

Brennan celebrated its homecoming against Warren

I know someone needs to check Jeter’s red shirt status.  Wait that is for college.  However as good as that young man continues to play one might mistake him as part of a college team now. 

Jordan Martinez the quarterback continues to improve his moves on the field and brings four years of experience to the role.  When you watch the combination of Martinez and Jeter you become excited about the Brandeis Brennan match up coming soon to a field in Northside.

The Warren team continues to offer glimpses of a talented football team.  Although the outcome of the game did not end the way people In the stands were hoping, they demonstrated they can be competitive I the district and have a chance to earn a play-off spot.

Jay celebrated Homecoming against Marshall

The Jay Mustangs celebrated their homecoming against Marshall on Friday night.  Jay’s offense powered over the Marshall defense.  With a strong game both in the air and on the ground the Mustangs controlled both halves.

Marshall’s offense experienced some miscues and could not find their rhythm to help them defeat the Mustangs.  Jay could offer the most competition against Warren in zone play trying to grab the playoff position.

Holmes Huskies falls to Steven 38-6

In the final match up on Saturday, Holmes Huskies faced the Steven’s Falcons.   Stevens continued to build upon their game against the Wagner Thunderbirds.  The Falcons scored in three of the fourth quarters and the defense continued to close down the passing and running lanes against the Huskies.

Holmes had started the year off strong, but seems to be struggling as they try to find the answer for their offensive rhythm.  To achieve a playoff spot the Huskie defense is going to have to contain their opponents.  They face tough competition against Brandeis, Brennan.  Taft could slip past the Huskies for the final spot in the playoff tournament.

All Northside schools except Brennan will be in action this week.  The following are the games and locations for the first district game.


Friday              10/6    7:30PM            Marshall HS **           Home  Holmes HS      Farris  

Friday              10/6    7:30PM            Taft HS **                   Home  Brandeis HS    Gustafson

Saturday          10/7    7:00PM            Stevens HS                  Home  Clark HS           Gustafson

Saturday          10/7    7:00PM            O’Connor HS                Home  Warren HS      Farris


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