Northeast Lakeview College Campus on short lockdown because of suspected gunman

Around 10:30am, Friday, November 17, a student called into the Northeast Lakeview College campus police dispatch reporting an individual on campus with a gun.  Officials with Northeast Lakeview College police department immediately placed the campus on lockdown and dispatched officers to the scene.

Upon arrival, police officers learned the individual was a member of the Northeast Lakeview College police force who was not wearing the traditional blue uniform.  The individual in question was wearing his badge and was on campus for a meeting.

“Officials with the college were able to resolve this situation quickly,” said Kristi Wyatt, Northeast College Campus liaison.  “This was a great test of our emergency plan.  All parts of the plan worked the way we expected.  This was also a time to remind us that all students, faculty, and members of the Alamo College family need to have updated contact information on file.”

Campus lockdown was released before noon and all activities on campus have returned to normal.

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