More wet weather possible in the coming days

Hurricane season started early summer without much activity. However, Mother Nature appears to have started working overtime in her kitchen. According to the National Hurricane Center, there are five tropical weather events happening in the Atlantic Ocean at this time.

Hurricane Florence developed into a category 4 hurricane during the night and is expected to reach landfall along the Carolinas coastline sometime before the end of the week.

Hurricane Helene a category 2 storm is churning in the Atlantic off the coast of Africa. Current predictions do not forecast Helene reaching landfall but will dissipate in the Atlantic Ocean.

Tropical Storm Isaac currently in the Atlantic Ocean will travel toward Mexico and Central America during the next three days.

However, all eyes of Texas are watching a tropical disturbance currently in the Yucatan peninsula. According to the National Hurricane Center “Satellite images and surface observations indicate that the area of disturbed weather located over the extreme northwestern Caribbean Sea and the southeastern Gulf of Mexico is gradually becoming better organized. Ship reports indicate that this system is producing strong gusty winds over the Yucatan Channel. Upper-level winds are forecast to become more conducive for development, and a tropical depression is likely to form by Thursday night while the disturbance moves across the western Gulf of Mexico. If necessary, an Air Force Reconnaissance plane will investigate the system tomorrow.

Interests across northeastern Mexico and the coasts of Texas and Louisiana should monitor the progress of this system. Regardless of development, heavy rainfall and gusty winds are expected to continue over western Cuba and portions of the northeastern Yucatan Peninsula today.

The center predicts about a 50 percent chance of tropical storm development in the next 48 hours and a 70 percent chance within the next five days.

San Antonio and surrounding areas have received massive amounts of rainfall in the last three days causing flash flooding and stranded homeowners.

Parts of Texas are still trying to rebuild after Harvey especially along the Texas coastline and the City of Houston.

The Echo will provide updates on our social media channels and our website as this tropical event continues to develop.

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