Leon Valley voters approves the Charter for the City

On Tuesday, November 7 the voters of Leon Valley declared a new era in the history of the city. No longer will Leon Valley be known as a General Law city but will no be governed by the newly approved charter.

Some aspects of the City will not change. There will be a mayor and five council members. The Council members shall be elected from the City at large, by place and for a two-year term.

The daily operations of the City of Leon Valley will now rest in the hand of a City Manager. The City Manager will have the right to appoint, hire, and dismiss those employees of the City without having to appear before Council for approval.

Voters also provided the Council with the power to annex new territory for the city. Council may also de-annex areas of the City of Leon Valley as well.

The Charter specifies ways a Council member can be removed from office; including the right of the citizens to recall any elected official.

For all legislation and ordinances that are approved or initiated by voters, Council may not make changes for three years.

Voter turnout was light in the election. 268 voters approved the resolution and 189 voters or 41.36 percent of the vote said no to the resolution.

Council will have to canvas the votes and give final approval to the election.

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