Leon Valley issues stop work order on sex business inside city limits

City officials in Leon Valley placed a stop work order on a sexually oriented business (Secret Escapes Adult.com) which sits directly adjacent to a child care facility.  The business is located in the 5400 block of Hurley and has been operating without a Certificate of Occupancy since its inception in the city.   “Texas State law imposes distancing restrictions on these types of businesses which are obviously not met when simply reviewing the attached picture – the restrictions are that the business must be one thousand feet of a licensed day care center” stated Kelly Kuenstler, City Manager. 

Kuenstler stated that “the business has been illegally operating so a stop work order was served today to Secret Escapes Adult.Com in addition to 3 other businesses that were operating in the same facility without a certificate of occupancy.”   The businesses which are not sexually oriented will be required to have valid certificates of occupancy before they can re-open.  However, Secret Escapes Adult.Com will not be allowed to operate at this particular venue. 

“In addition to the fact that this is a violation of the law, from a law enforcement perspective, sexually oriented businesses should be separated from sensitive land uses to minimize the impact of known secondary effects ” stated Police Chief Joe Salvaggio. 

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