High School One Act Plays to compete at Area March 28

Brennan, Taft, and Stevens thespians qualified their One Act plays for the bi-district competition to be held on Thursday, March 28 at Madison High School.  To earn this right the respective troupes first took the stage in a zone contest to qualify for the district contest.

The plays are not ranked in placing order when they are announced as advancing to the next level of competition.

At district the troupes performed against a total of six One Act plays to earn the right to perform at Bi-district.

The bi-district round is composed of the three Northside school and three One Act play troupes from North East.

The advancing plays from di-district will compete at the area meet to be held next weekend. 

Brennan performed scenes from Harvey.  Taft staged scenes from Leaving Iowa, and Stevens produced scenes from A Lie of the Mind.

Reagan, Johnson, and MacArthur represent North East and District 27.

MacArthur performs scenes from A Life of the Mind.  Johnson produces scenes from Paganini, and Reagan performs scenes from I Never Saw Another Butterfly.

One Act play troupes must compete their production in a running time of 40 minutes.  This rule is unforgiving by even a second.  The troupes who exceed 40 minutes by just one second risk disqualification from the contest. 

Crew members  and many times cast members must set the stage under ten minutes and must remove all items from the stage in seven minutes.  Violations of this time requirement can also result in disqualification.

The contest also limits the troupes in stage elements and the troupe must use the only the element set unit to create the stage for their performance.

The bi-district competition is open to the public.  However no one will be allowed to enter or leave the theatre once a performance has started.

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