Echo’s game of the week for October 1

Fall arrived among thunderstorms and hot temperatures and we are still waiting for Mother Nature to bring in the first cool evenings and crisp mornings.  I am predicting this to happen on December 17 and end on December 18.

What is not cooling down is the District 28 6A volleyball race.  For those of you unfamiliar with the UIL label—District 28 6A are most of the Northside schools.  Tonight, we will see a true battle as the district leader, Clark, takes on tied for second place Brandeis. 

Clark is the only undefeated team left in district play.  Brandeis has two losses one of those coming from Clark in round 1 and O’Connor in round 1.

Clark will rely on Baylor commits Elise Mcghee and Kara Mcghee to provide power hitting and blocking especially at the net.  Watching the two sisters go air born and you understand Paul Bunyan and the tall forest. 

Taylor McDonough and Ashley Hu provide quick work on their feet as they set and dig the ball for the hitters. 

Many of the area coaches have Clark in the top spot throughout the City and some have started whispering a trip to State may be in their future. 

However, one of those teams seeking redemption and hoping to put a roadblock in Clark’s pathway is Brandeis.  The Lady Broncos have been dominant in tournament play; they have perfected the comeback in district play and they hope to play spoiler in tonight’s matchup. 

The Lady Broncos may lack height but they have tenacity.  With play from Amy Dewalt, Kristen Meier, Chase Kluna, and Chidera Ugwokaegbe the fast-moving dangerous girls on the court help to set it up for the power hitter Maya Smalls.

So if you are wanting to witness highflying action and smacks on the ball that makes a pecan crusher envious you only have to travel to Paul Taylor Gym tonight for the rematch of the Lady Cougars and the Lady Broncos. 

Game time is scheduled for 5:30pm.  Arrive early and bring ear plugs because the student sections from each school is guaranteed to raise the roof.

The Echo and her staff had a little fun with the match-up and in office polling here are the predictions.

Northside Report predicts This will be a good match between two quality teams. However, Clark has experience and scoring balance. Clark will win but Brandeis will make it tough. Clark 3, Brandeis 1.

The Soupcan predicts Brandeis over Clark in 5 sets 3:2

The W predicts Clark because they are undefeated.

The Shutterbug predicts Clark for sure.  They are playing well.

The Grumpy Ol Editor says “As competitive as this district remains—Brandeis pulls the upset tonight.  Match will go 5 sets, and two of those sets will be basketball scores (meaning both teams keep playing after 25).

So, there you have it.  The Echo and her staff are predicting a Clark victory in 3-2.  Come out and see if we are right or wrong.

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