Echo game of the week for October 8

Baking shows celebrate cake week, bread week, and pastry week. National Geographic celebrates shark week. Anyone of these weeks aptly describe our games of the week. This week we have rivalry week. Let me explain.

In volleyball, this week one team hopes to steal the cake and win the bread of taking a spot in the playoffs. In football two teams hope to steal the bread and keep it interesting. What is guaranteed—it’s no easy pastry for any of the teams. However, it is shark week in Northside. So, without further cheesy metaphors on with the show.

O’Connor and Brandeis cross town rivals travel to Northside gym hoping to decide key results in the district race. O’Connor enters the game with two losses—one to Clark, one to Warren.

Brandeis enters the game with 3 three losses–two to Clark and one to O’Connor. So, what happens?

First, expect strong defense and net play from O’Connor. Sunnie Ozmet, Bryshanna Brown, Peyton Hummel work the ball well on the floor, and Ozmet, Brown serve as power hitters. Emmy Okagor and Elizabeth Purcell combine well to protect the net.

Mya Small and cast of Chase Kluna, Ava Magabusco, Jayln Gibson, Shelby Draker, and Amy Dewalt hope to follow the game plan, use their ability to fly and their quick speed to keep the Panthers off balance.

If O’Connor wins tonight and even with a loss to Clark and no other upsets will finish in second place in the district.

If Brandeis wins tonight, and have no other upsets, they finish second in the district.

So, who wins? According to the Echo predictors it is going to be O’Connor 3-2.


So, rivalry week continues with Brandeis and O’Connor on the gridiron. Now popular fiction is wrong—the Whataburger incident did not happen the last time these two teams played. The last meeting between the school ending in an OC victory and no food fight. This rivalry game is one of the largest in Texas and will bring over 10,000 people to the stands. I prefer to remember the game and leave the outside drama in the history books where it belongs.

So, what to expect. The line for O’Connor will provide protection for the backfield. David Dodd and company, Zion Taylor and Jordan Maye hope to connect and run through the gauntlet as they try to find the end zone.

Brandeis, sophomore quarterback Jordan Battles will enter the stadium for the largest game of his career. He has proven himself to play as well as a veteran and his leadership and poise will help the Broncos stay focus on the game.

At stake? One undefeated team remains in the district right now. O’Connor is hoping to preserve its perfect record and the Broncos want to be the spoiler.

Echo Predictions—O’Connor as the victor 3-2.

Across the pond another rivalry shapes up. Jay and Warren. Warren hopes to use its iron wall defense to control the Baylor committed quarterback from Jay.

Warren has struggled a little in the offense department and Jay has struggled with defense. Saturday’s game promises to entertain as two strong teams battle along the 410 corridor to see who will be supreme.

At stake? Jay must win to keep playoff hopes alive. Warren must win to keep their hopes of a better than 4th place finish in district alive.

Echo Predictions—Warren 4 to 1 in the 410 showdown.

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