Echo game of the week for October 24–Warren and Brandeis

This week the Echo game of the week promises plenty of excitement.  It is the Brandeis-Warren football game and the stakes are high.  Warren comes into the game in a unique position—they could finish the district in second place or even in a possible three-way tie for the district championship. 

For the first time in series history Warren pulled the upset by beating Brennan Bears.  The team also almost defeated O’Connor and if it had not been for a game saving interception the outcome of the OC Warren game may have been recorded differently. 

That is not to say Warren has not had team struggles as they just slipped past the Taft Red Raiders 10-7 in the match up. 

Warren brings into the game a great defense play by Eli Huron, Caleb Williams, Jason Coronado, Josiah Gutierrez-Smith and Traquan Banks.  This defense has stymied many programs this year and hope to hold Jordan Battles and company out of the red zone. 

QB Anthony Cisneros and company stalled during the Taft game but have connected for impressive numbers in previous gains and accomplishments this season.  Cisneros and the offense crew moved the ball within kicking distance for Kingowen Cabrera and the victory over Taft.

However, the game will not be an easy trek for Warren Warriors. Standing in their way to victory Jordan Battles and the Brandeis Broncos.  The sophomore quarterback struggled early in the season with timing but as the games progressed so has his ability and skills.  During the OC game battles scampered along the field, over defensive players, under defensive players, and around defensive players.  His leg work presents an admirable obstacle to the Warren defense.  Battles can also connect in the air with Brandon Pake and others so the Warriors must be prepared to defend against the pass.  Battles and coaches understand defensively Warren has snagged their share of defensive picks this year.

Defensively, Brandeis has stopped strong offenses this year.  As Brandeis mounted a late game comeback during the Brennan game, the defense held the Bears and kept the team within a finger’s touch of victory.  OC’s offense posted large points during most games this season but the Bronco defense kept them guessing and in check most of the game. 

So, what is at stake—positioning in the district race.  With only three games left Brandeis and Warren should be two of the four playoff teams.  A win tonight by Warren will clinch their playoff appearance.  A win by Brandeis tonight will clinch their playoff appearance.  But here is where Northside football becomes interesting.

If Brandeis wins they will move into a tie for third place with Warren and will have the tie breaker advantage because of head to head competition.  If Brandeis loses they will be in the fourth-place position with three district team losses. 

If Warren wins tonight they will remain tied in record with Brennan as each have one loss.  However, Warren owns the tiebreaker because of head to head match up.  If Warren loses then the district standings become OC (6-0, they play Clark tonight), Brennan (5-1, they play Stevens tonight), Brandeis (6-2), Warren (6-2) and all eyes in the district will turn to the OC Brennan match up. 

The Echo predictors call this one.

“Brandeis 21, Warren 14. Broncos come out ahead in a close encounter.”–Northside reporter.

“I wanna say Warren but if we played like we did against Taft there is no way and Brandeis knows what needs to be done so I think it’s anyone’s game but I’ll go for Warren.”—Shutterbug

“I believe the team with the highest score will win.”—Politician

“Defense will be key to the game.  Warren has demonstrated defensive skill and mastery this year.  In a last-minute charge Warren takes the game by 3.”—Grumpy Ol’ Editor

With a 2-1 and one abstaining Warren over Brandeis.

So as all things Northside, even late in the season district races can change overnight; every game becomes important because every team remains competitive until the end. 

Here is to late minute finishes and lead changes like a yo-yo it’s the cheapest and most exciting entertainment in town. 

See you out on the field.

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