Echo game of the week–A district championship on the line Saturday

This is not the first time these two schools have met to determine the district championship.  It will not be the last.  Both teams have split victories when they have met. So on Saturday night at Gus Stadium the two will meet again–O’Connor and Brennan.  Kickoff is scheduled for 7pm.

Both teams have secured a playoff spot.  For both teams this fact is not important.  Saturday night.  District Championship.  Playoff matchup.  All on the line.  These all factor into the game, at least for the fans.  Both coaches will tell you, “it’s just another game.  Just another fall Saturday night in Texas.

However, for the fans of the game—they would disagree.  Each school has planned activities to send their team to the game in style.  The bleachers will be packed and the crowds anxious as they watch their team battle to the finish.

This year both teams experienced ups and downs.  During different games the Panthers and Bears exhibited skills of an experienced playoff tested team, and other times the teams have struggled to connect—the game of football.

The Bear defense has been formidable but they must find a way to break through the Panther offensive line—a stout brick wall.  The Bear offense offers a challenge with their running game and can connect on the long pass if needed.

The Panther offense must also work past the Bear defense. The Bear defense comes off the line quick and read plays well.  The Panther defense must not allow gaps because the running force of the Bears will find them and exploit them.

The Panther running game brings strength and speed to gridiron.  The Panthers have two running backs to keep their opponent guessing which will offer the biggest threat—this will be needed Saturday night.

I know most are reading this thinking James has taken a “cop out” or is a politician running in the November election.  This is not my intention.  This year both teams are evenly matched and on any different game day the decision could favor the one team over the other.

O’Connor owns the advantage in the kicking game.  Jefflin Leslie’s leg has connected for a 50-yard field goal already this season and he has proven he has ice water running through his veins.  Assuredly the Bears do not want the game to hinge on a kick, not unless they will bring noisemakers into the stadium capable of mimicking a fighter jet taking off from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

What is assured—the game will be more exciting than a Floore’s concert or a Time’s Square New Year’s Eve.  Come early because the crowds will grab the good seats, and stock up on the popcorn and the Dr. Pepper because you will not want to leave your seats until the final seconds have disappeared from the scoreboard.

The Echo predictors (much like the election night) declare this one too close to call and must wait until all hanging chads are counted.

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