Early election results for Texas primary runoff

Republican Party

US Representative, District 21

Chip Roy leads with 829 votes. Roy 5,682 and Matt McCall 4,854.

State Representative, District 21

Matt Beebe is behind by over 1200 votes. Bebee 3,706 and Steve Allison 4,997.

District Judge, 187th Judicial District

Karl Alexander leads over Joey Contreras by 2,231 votes. Alexander 11,026 and Contreras 8,795.

District Judge, 226th District

Todd McCray leads with a 195 vote count. McCray 9,934 and Wiedermann 9,739

Judge, County Probate Court No. 2

Julie Hardaway leads challenger Laura D. Heard just under 1500 votes. Hardaway 10,632 and Heard 9,177.

County Chair

Jo Ann Ponce Gonzales is behind challenger Cynthia Brehm. Gonzales 6,007 and Brehm 13,864.

Democratic Party

US Representative, District 21

Joseph Kopser leads challenger Mary Street Wilson with just over 1300 votes. Kopser 3,512 Wilson 2,187

US Representative, District 23

Gina Ortiz Jones leads challenger Rick Trevino. Jones 3,476 Trevino 631


Lupe Valdez is holding the lead over Andrew White. Valdez 14,811 and White 12,356

Judge, County Court at Law No. 1

Tony Jimenez, III 12,585 and Helen Petry Stowe 13,974.

County Commissioner, Precinct No. 2

Paul Elizondo hold less than a 500 vote lead over Queta Rodriguez. Elizondo 4,600 Rodriguez 4,169.

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