City of Leon Valley issues stop work order at Seneca Plaza and Lebman’s Coral

Officials of the City of Leon Valley issued a stop work order on 2 strip malls located along Bandera Road, specifically Seneca Plaza and Lebman’s Coral today. City staffers cited numerous fire code violations and hazardous conditions at the existing structures. Due to the health, safety and welfare of the public and the tenants who lease out spaces in this strip mall, businesses are not allowed to be open to customers until the violations are cured by the property owner. City Manager, Kelly Kuenstler, stated that “there are so many well run, legitimate businesses in these 2 centers that are being affected by the owner’s refusal to comply with the orders of the Fire Marshall”. Fire Chief Luis Valdez said he was “concerned with the owner’s blatant disregard for the essential safety of our citizens and the business owners who leased space in the structures.” Valdez said “Violations of the fire code will not be tolerated in Leon Valley; our businesses need to be safe for everyone.”

Once all hazardous conditions are mitigated by the strip malls’ owner, Mr. Ron Ray, the City of Leon Valley will allow businesses to resume their regular operations. According to Kuenstler, “the City of Leon Valley strives to retain its legitimate businesses and she empathizes with these well run businesses but the safety of the public must come first”.

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