City of Leon Valley and Marshall High School to host disaster simulation

The City of Leon Valley is partnering with the American Red Cross and the Northside

Independent School District to perform an Emergency Shelter Simulation at John

Marshall High School on Saturday, June 17 th from 9AM until 1PM. The simulation will

include volunteers from different supportive emergency services, including Community

Emergency Response Teams (CERT) from surrounding areas. This simulation will

break participants into small groups where they will learn the different functions of an

emergency shelter, to include; Registration and information, food service, dormitory

setup, and more. John Marshall High School is one of many approved emergency

shelter locations throughout the region. Area residents are invited to attend and learn

more about how an Emergency Shelter operates, and how to volunteer with the

American Red Cross.

“This is a great opportunity for our community to prepare and learn how we can best

prepare for a disaster”, said Mayor Chris Riley. Fire Chief Valdez stated, “We are

grateful for our Northside ISD and American Red Cross partners, and look forward to

learning even more about how we can best serve our community”.

For more information on how to become an American Red Cross volunteer, go to volunteer#step1

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