City of Helotes to meet Thursday, March 24 to discuss animal control issues

The City of Helotes will meet for the second meeting of March on Thursday, March 24. The meeting will take place at City Council Chambers located at 12951 Bandera Road. The meeting will start at 7pm.

During the consent agenda, Council will consider approving the minutes from the March 10, approve the revenue and expenditure reports.

During the first individual action item Council will consider approving the EDC spending an additional $7,457 with Terra Design Group for the environmental study of four areas for the potential habitat listed of Karst Invertebrates.

During the second item for individual consideration, Council will consider spending public funds to contract with San Antonio Humane Society for the animal control, shelter, and adoption services for City’s Animal Control Department.

The San Antonio Humane Society is asking for $50 per cat or kitten surrendered; $50 for puppies 4 months and under; $75 if over four months; and $100 for each dog over 4 months and 81 pounds. This contract will be for a five-year period.

In separate action, Council will consider a contract with De Zavala-Shavano Veterinary Clinic to provide animal care services to the City of Helotes. This animal care includes taking in any feral or stray dogs and cats from the City of Helotes on a 24 hour 7 days a week basis. If after four days the animal’s owner has not reclaimed the animal people from Helotes may adopt it. At the determination of the clinic any animal not adopted or claimed after a five day window may be subject to euthanasia.

Council will consider vacating an ordinance regarding the use of force in controlling animals captured by Animal Control in the City of Helotes and its ETJ.

In final action, Council will approve changes in the Personnel Policies and Procedures manual to address the use of force (bite sticks) when encountering aggressive animals. The changes will also authorize City of Helotes Animal Control officers or the City’s Veterinarian to euthanize animals housed by Animal Control after five days if they have a tag around their neck and if there is no tag after three days. The updated manual also instructs how the euthanasia is to be administered by City personnel.

The meeting is open to the public and the Citizens of Helotes are encouraged to attend. Any citizen that resides in the city limits proper may address City Council during the Citizens to be Heard portion of the meeting.

Anyone wishing to address Council must sign up before the 7pm meeting starts.

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  1. Brenda

    It sounds like to me that the city of Helotes will be killing a lot of animals!! Why don’t they have a no kill policy like other cities near by??? This is so upsetting to me. What can be done about this?

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