City of Helotes BOA to vote on mix use development

The City of Helotes Board of Adjustment (BOA) will meet Monday, June 25 at 7pm to discuss the variance request by Cesar Hernandez. The meeting will take place in City Council Chambers located at 12951 Bandera Road.

Hernandez is requesting a variance to allow two of the six buildings being constructed to encroach into the setback between the development and residential areas.

According to submitted plans, the proposed project will house six buildings that will serve as “multi-use” meaning they will have retail/office space in the bottom story of four of the buildings, and apartments will be constructed in the top two stories of the buildings. Two of the buildings will consist of apartments only.  The project is expected to be three stories high.

The development also calls for the installation of a pool and parking areas.

Residents in Old Town Helotes object to the project and are planning to speak during the meeting of BOA.

The meeting is open to the public and residents of Helotes may address the meeting.

City Staff is recommending the approval of the request.

There are questions regarding access to the project, parking, and noise levels that have not been answered and will not be answered at the BOA meeting. This is an ongoing story and as new information becomes available we will be providing updates.

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