CELEBRITY EXTRA–Johnny Whitworth

By Cindy Elavsky

Johnny Whitworth Photo credit: Photo by Adam Fedderly
Johnny Whitworth
Photo credit: Photo by Adam Fedderly

Q: I am so happy that “Blindspot” has been renewed for another season but bummed that one of my favorite actors, Johnny Whitworth, was killed off before we could find out more about him. Was he really killed, and will we see more of him on the show? Where else can I get my Johnny fix? — Isabel T., via email A: I spoke with Johnny recently, and this is what he told me about “Blindspot”: “There’s not much I can say about ‘Blindspot’ because I’m not allowed to. I know that I got killed and I don’t know my name. But I know that there has been the promise of learning my character’s name. I don’t know how that gets done, when that gets done, where that gets done, or in what form that gets done.” If you want to catch Johnny on the big screen, his new movie, “Bad Hurt,” is set for release Feb. 12. The film (based on a true story) takes place in 1999 and centers on the Kendall family, who are battling emotional demons while caring for one child with special needs and another (Johnny’s character, Kent) with PTSD and addiction. Johnny says “Bad Hurt” is a film he is especially proud of and hopes everyone will go see. “I feel very blessed to have been a part of this movie. It’s old moviemaking. It’s heartfelt and dramatic and real — and the performances are phenomenal. Michael Harney, who plays my father, and Karen Allen, who plays the mother, are pillars of this craft of acting. They are so moving. “I hope people see this movie, because Hollywood doesn’t make this kind that much anymore. The reason I got into this business was because of films like this. It’s a heart-wrenching drama, but as it progresses, it has an uplifting storytelling element to it, to where when you leave the theater, you feel emotionally tortured — gutted — yet good.” *** Q: When will “House of Cards” be back? — Linda F. in Washington A: The highly anticipated season four premiere of the political thriller starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright premieres March 4 on Netflix, where you can either binge on all 10 episodes at once, or savor each episode like a fine wine and spread out your viewing. I also can tell you that “Grace & Frankie” returns May 6 for its second season, and “Orange Is the New Black” has its fourth-season premiere June 17. *** Q: Is there going to be a sequel to “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? — Regina R., via email A: “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” hits theaters March 25, and it follows the story of Toula (Nia Vardalos) and Ian (John Corbett) as they weather marriage problems, a troubled teenage daughter, and yet another big, fat Greek wedding. The movie also stars Ian Gomez, John Stamos, Joey Fatone and Rita Wilson. Write to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803; or e-mail her at letters@cindyelavsky.com. (c) 2016 King Features Synd., Inc.

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