Candidates Forum to be held in Grey Forest on April 11

Grey Forest candidates for office and the citizens of Grey Forest will have the opportunity to participate in a candidate’s forum.  This format of the forum will consist of five questions.  Each candidate will have 3 minutes to provide an answer to each question.  At the conclusion of the five questions, the candidates will have a three minute free response time to provide a summation, a response, or elect to remain silent.

The forum will be held at La Escondida Celebration center.  La Escondida is located at 9888 Escondida Road, Helotes, TX  78023.

At the conclusion of the free response time audience members will be allowed to ask questions.  The questions must be related to election issues or candidate’s platform in the forum.  Anyone that attempts to attack a candidate personally, or becomes loud and out of control will be asked to leave the event.

The following five questions have been provided to the candidates.  The order of questions will be determined by a blind draw on the night of the forum.  Speaking order for the candidates will also be determined by a blind draw the night of the event.  As an audience member you now have access to the questions to assist in constructing your questions or responses for the candidates.

       1.  The condition of the roadways in Grey Forest remain a growing concern among the citizens.  What plan do you propose to repair the roads and how will                   the funding be secured to complete the road work?

  1. Do you believe Grey Forest should increase its green space between the Grey Forest city limits and the other municipalities that border the City? If yes, how do you purpose to purchase or procure this additional green space?
  2. A growing concern for residents of Grey Forest—How does the City of Grey Forest provide services for the citizens with a limited source of revenue. Do you believe the City of  Grey Forest should amend the current Code of Ordinances to include the City’s ability to allow retail and business establishments to operate inside the City limits of Grey Forest?
  3. What recommendations do you offer concerning City Staff? Should hours be extended for staff members?  Should more staff members be hired?  Should current staff be utilized in a different ways?
  4. As all communities struggle with drought, water usage, and invasive species—What plan of action do you propose for the control of vegetation and the contaminants caused by humans to protect the water source, property value, and look of Grey Forest?


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