Broncos stampede past Buffalos into the area round

The Broncos controlled the opening toss and Kobe Magee demonstrated to those in the gym that he would be presiding over the court.   With a quick drive to the basket, Magee laid the ball off the glass and through the hoop to strike first blood in the battle between the two teams hoping to make it to the State tournament.

The Buffalos attempted to pass the ball onto the court and a quick steal by the Broncos added another two points.

Magee’s fancy footwork and all hands defense on the next inbounds by the Buffalos caused another miscue and he quickly took aim from the outside perimeter for 3.  With less than a minute and fifteen seconds ticking from the clock, the Broncos led by 7 points to 0.  It is safe to say at this point the outcome of the game was never in question.

With Magee and Matt McCary driving to the basket and with teammates playing full court defense the Broncos led 16 to 6 by the end of the first quarter.

During the second quarter, the Broncos increased the tempo of the game and developed more of their outside perimeter shots the lead was quick to increase to 36.  The Buffaloes learned to drive to the basketball drawing fouls and putting shooters on the line.  The increased flurry by the Buffalos allowed the team to rack up 17 points during the second quarter but the defense could not keep the Broncos from adding 20 in the second quarter.

The Broncos and the Buffalos had to adjust in team play.  Adjustments that were slow in coming as the officials for the game were not the normal crew they see week in and week out but were from College Station.  The referees were quick to pick up on some fundamental issues as Magee was called for palming the ball while dribbling, and defensive fouls that were missed or overlooked in weeks past were not tonight.  Two Broncos would foul out before the night was over and both teams reached double bonus before the first half was over.

The Buffalos brought an offense sprint during the third quarter cutting the Bronco lead to 10 points at least three times during the third quarter.  Many in the gym may have felt that Lady momentum may have been drifting the other direction, but Magee had other plans for the evening.  His quick drive to the basket, and McCary’s added baskets with defensive pressure from Avery Theus and momentum stayed with the Broncos.

Although the Buffalos added another 23 points in the third quarter, the Bronco offensive developed into a gallop as they boys added 26 points to the board to end the third 62-46.

The fourth quarter provided more of the same play as the previous three quarters.  Both teams added defensive pressure and although the Buffalos tried to find basket, it seemed that the rim was a difficult obstacle. The Broncos curised to an 81 to 61 victory.

The Bronco bench personnel was on the floor for more minutes than most would have seen in the first-round playoff game, so each player should have some experience under their belt before they face their next opponent.

The Broncos will return to play off action on either Thursday, or Friday when they face the winner between Lake Travis and Madison.  That game will be played Tuesday, February 21.  So, the Broncos will enjoy an extra day of rest before playing their next foe.  Lake Travis enters the game as the second-place team in District 25 6A.

Madison enters the game as the third seed in District 26 6A with an overall record of 19-12.

The Broncos were the first seed in District 28 6A.  However, the Bronco district was very competitive as four teams were tied for the fourth seed and the district had to have a two-game play in to determine the fourth and final seed.  This competitive district will serve as an advantage for the Broncos as they had to prepare to fight for a victory in just about every match up.

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