Brennan fights a close battle with Clark but falls 3-0

For Northside volleyball, preseason victories and games happened before the school year actually started. From San Antonio to Austin, Floresville to Houston our volleyball teams traveled across the state to prepare themselves for a tough district run.

Most consider North East ISD as being the volleyball powerhouse with the likes of Churchill, Reagan, and Madison. However in the last two years, Northside has made great strides in capturing the San Antonio volleyball crown. One of those schools helping to chip away at North East’s base of power was Brennan High School. Last year, with a senior heavy team, Brennan powered through the district. Now rebuilding, Brennan is looking for their first W in the district column.

Brennan opened the district race against another Northside powerhouse and perennial playoff team Clark Cougars. In a nail biting game Brennan lost the three sets with a combine 8 points.

Brennan played tough defense as the girls would rush the net or send the ball back to Clark on long volleys. Brennan’s energy and persistence at returning the ball allowed the Lady Bears to wear down the Lady Cougars.

The Lady Bears used their energy to the team’s advantage by building a large lead inside the third set.

The Lady Cougars refused to give up as they dove to the floor and rushed near the bleachers to return balls and keep the service or return alive. This intense play from the Cougars allowed them to erase a 10-point deficit and take the third set and the game from the Lady Bears.

The Lady Bears fall to (0-1) in district play. The Lady Cougars are (1-0) in district play.

The Lady Bears will play O’Connor on Friday. Clark will play Brandeis on Friday.

In other action Brandeis played Taft and defeated the Lady Raiders in three sets to take the game.

Warren played Stevens and defeated the Lady Falcons in three sets to take the district victory 3-0.

In a district rivalry, Jay defeated Holmes in three sets to earn their first district victory.

In cross-town rivals, O’Connor defeated the Lady Rams from Marshall in three sets to take their first district victory.

All Northside teams will continue in district play on Friday, September 2.

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