Brandeis High School unveils new robotics game

Four the fourth year in a row Brandeis High School has served as the host site for the new robotics course reveal. Students attend this event from schools throughout the San Antonio and surrounding areas. This is the “kick-off” to the new competition year for students participating in the robotics program.

The reveal allows students to watch the video describing the playing field and objectives to the current year’s game.

The Brandeis robotics program creates a replica of the playing field and after completion of the video students and sponsors are provided with the opportunity to examine the field in a hands-on manner.

This year, Brandeis included workshops and instructional opportunities for those attending the event to further develop their skills and be successful in the competition.

Students will return to their home campus to construct their robots and practice using a field they develop at their school. In the spring students will compete at a district tournament to earn the right to qualify for regional competition.

The regional competition will be held in Austin. Winners at the Austin competition will advance to the World competition to be held in Houston, Texas. Students at the World competition not only face opponents from parts across America but from other countries as well.

Students have the opportunity to earn scholarships and grants for the robotics program.

Competitions are open to the public and The Echo will provide locations and times at the competition dates become closer.

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