Boys’ basketball district race offers excitement as tiebreakers keep everyone guessing

The Northside boys’ basketball season will soon reach the conclusion of the district race and four teams will advance to the playoffs. However those watching the boy’s race are shaking their heads, rolling some dice, and playing the guessing game as to who will make it to the big dance.

Currently, Warren and Stevens share identical records and are tied for first place with 11 wins and 2 losses.

Stevens will have a difficult game on Tuesday, January 30, as they will be playing the Brennan Bears. Brennan is coming off an upset victory over the Warren Warriors on Friday night.

Warren will face Holmes. This should be less intense game for the Warriors but no team in the district can be considered down and out.

Brennan, after the win against Warren, is sitting in the second position for the district. They will play Stevens. If they lose to Stevens and Brandeis and Marshall win three teams will be tied for the second place spot with identical records.

Brandeis and Marshall will attempt to end the tie, as they will face each other on Tuesday, January 30.

O’Connor is technically not out of the district race. If they were to win the remaining games on their schedule they would move into position to challenge for the play offs as the Panthers still have to play the Broncos and the Rams.

Stevens and Warren the two teams tied for the district championship will play each other on the last night of district competition.

There are five nights remaining in district play and the roadway to the four spots are as clear as a Texas Old Timer giving directions. “Travel down the dirt road until it y’s, then at the second tree your gonna turn right and follow that road to the fourth barn…you get the picture.

The Echo will be reporting on each game. Currently this week we will be broadcasting live the games from Northside gym on Tuesday, and Friday for Boys’ Basketball.

If you as readers have a preference to which gyms we should broadcast you can comment below.

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