Bexar County Sheriff’s Officers respond to domestic dispute

On Saturday, May 5 around 10am Bexar County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a domestic disturbance on County Road 211.

Upon arrival, the deputies learned a 59-year old male suspect had assaulted a family member and was threatening to kill himself. The suspect fled into the wooded area with a large caliber handgun.

According to Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, “Officers proceeded to the wooded area when they heard a single gunshot. The officers feared the suspect had shot himself and attempted to locate the individual.

Deputies secured visual contact with the suspect, who was lying prone on the ground. Fearing the individual had wounded himself the deputies attempted to make contact with the man. “

“As the deputies approached,” added Salazar. “The individual sprang up from the ground and begin firing in the direction of the advancing officers. Deputies were able to clear the area and establish a tactical response area. SWAT and Negotiations were called and dispatched to the scene.

The suspect then stepped away from the wooded area and fired shots in the direction of the deputies. A deputy returned a single gunshot striking the suspect in the chest.”

“The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene,” said Salazar. “The deputy involved was a 13 year veteran of the department. He will be placed on temporary administrative leave as the investigation into the incident continues. “

Different fire departments and EMS made the scene and provided a response to a family member who was distraught over the situation. No deputy was injured and no other family member experienced any injuries.

According to Salazar, “WE have responded to other calls to this address in the last couple of months.”

This incident is under investigation and as new facts become available we will update the story.

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