Air siren mangled; what a flock

A very sad day in Helotes, Texas.  It seems that on April 1, a very large flock of angry chickens descended on Helotes to protest the daily siren.  According to Henny Penny, “Every day at noon the ladies and I return to our nesting boxes to meet our daily quota.

That is when our lives become turned upside down because there is a loud wailing noise that begins precisely at noon and ends minutes later.”

It seems that when the siren begins its extremely loud cry it causes the hay inside the nesting boxes to vibrate thereby tickling the working girls and many of the younger generation has paid the price as they have rolled out of the nesting boxes and cracked up.

Chicken Little added, “This siren really ruffles our feathers.  We attempt to work hard in the house and this annoying wailing, useless, antiquated piece of metal makes it impossible for us to complete our work. The sky is failing.”

Today, April 1 the flock had enough.  Each of the hens took flight carrying a pecan branch and when they flew over the siren dropped their cargo, causing the siren to become a mangle mass.

“We considered this our James Bond mission,” shared Henny Penny.  “We consider ourselves the savior of Helotes because now at noon time we can enjoy our lunch and do our work in peace.”

Sorry folks if you read  this far, you will see that we have joined the BCSO in our own little April Fool’s Day article.  Although one would think the antiquated system would have been retired by now.

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