2 San Antonio police officers shot in the line of duty

Two San Antonio police offers performing patrol duty on Thursday, June 29, were shot while on duty. The incident happened in the 200 block of W Evergreen St.  Both officers were on assignment to central patrol b shift directive patrol for vehicle burglary.  Officer Miquel Moreno noticed a car that appeared to have been broken into, stopped to speak to two individuals walking away.

One of those individuals opened fire immediately striking officer Moreno in the head.  A second shot was fired striking  officer Julio Cavazos.  Cavazos drug officer Moreno to safety and returned fire striking one of the suspects in the buttocks.

Cavazos underwent surgery last night.  He is expected to receive additional surgeries but doctors are reporting he will survive.

At this time, there is no known relationship between the two suspects.  At no time did the suspects exhibit threatening actions to the officers before opening fire upon the police officers.  This was not in a high crime area.  The officers made a sound tactical decision to contact the individuals and the situation escalated to a deadly situation quickly.

At 11:11am, June 30 doctors disconnected the life support machines from Moreno and he was pronounced deceased.

Funeral arrangements for the fallen officer are pending.

Flags at all City facilities have been lowered to half-staff at the request of Mayor Ron Nirenberg in honor of Officer Miguel Moreno, who was killed in the line of duty. Nirenberg is inviting the business community, other organizations and all citizens to join us in this expression of mourning and respect by lowering their flags to half-staff. Officer Moreno passed away on Friday from wounds he suffered in a Thursday shooting incident.

“We continue to offer our deepest sympathies and prayers to his family and the San Antonio Police Department community,” Nirenberg said. “We also extend our sympathies and prayers to Officer Julio Cavazos, who also was critically wounded in the incident.”

Nirenberg asks that those participating in this gesture of respect for Officer Moreno continue to fly flags at half-staff until his internment. The City will keep the community updated on funeral arrangements, which remain pending.

“This tragedy reminds us all of the sacrifices and bravery of our public safety officers who deserve our sincere gratitude,” Nirenberg said.

San Antonio District 6 Councilman Greg Brockhouse offered the following statement. “On behalf of all the residents and families of District 6, I want to extend our deepest condolences, love and prayers for Officer Miguel Moreno and his family. Miguel was killed in the line of duty protecting our community and we all mourn his loss. We also remain in prayer for Officer Julio Cavazos and his family as he remains in serious condition at SAMMC. To the men and women of the San Antonio Police Department, we express our prayers and love for your service and sacrifice and we stand with you during this difficult time. To our fallen officer, you held the line for us and we will never forget you. We will take care of your family and we will honor your sacrifice.”

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